DataDirect Connectors Hybrid Data Connectivity for Microsoft SQL Server

  • Get quick, flexible connections to SQL Server from any cloud application
  • Integrate real-time data to your cloud application with SQL Server
  • A robust solution to send data to web, desktop or mobile clients
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    Lightweight Data Gateway

    Access back-office data behind the firewall securely using our patented on-premises connector that can be optionally deployed in the DMZ or behind the corporate firewall. Get trusted hybrid data access without requiring major network/firewall configurations such as setting up a VPN or SSH tunneling.

    Horizontal Scaling

    Hybrid Data Pipeline can be deployed in cloud and enterprise environments across multiple nodes behind a load balancer. Incoming requests can be evenly distributed across cluster nodes.

    Universal Connectivity

    Get real-time connectivity to the latest SaaS, SQL, Big Data and NoSQL data sources such as Salesforce, Apache Hive, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Eloqua, Google Analytics and more.

    SeeHide supported data sources

    All customer-sensitive data elements (including remote credential or database pairings stored) are protected by encryption, both at rest (AES-256) and in transit. Our encryption algorithms can be made FIPS-140 compliant using the FIPS Compliance mode (leverages Bouncy Castle as the security provider). Read our security paper.

    Integrate with Existing Authentication Systems

    Hybrid Data Pipeline supports external authentication through a configurable Java Plug-in. Enterprises can authenticate users against any of their in-house authentication systems that may be using LDAP system, Windows (Kerberos), SAML/ADFS authentication or any other authentication service. You can even group multiple external authentication users to map to one Hybrid Data Pipeline user to get access to data sources.


    Limits API allows administrators to set limits on how many rows can be returned for ODBC, JDBC, and OData requests. An error is returned if an application fetches rows beyond the specified limit.

    Data APIs over HTTPS

    A data API management layer provides standard SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData) interfaces to support the needs of the new technical data consumers - data engineers, data scientists and business analysts.

    Technical Specifications

    Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline

    Database Support

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)

    Interface Support

    • ODBC 3.52
    • Java SE 5 or higher
    • OData 4.0 and  2.0 (read/write)

    Operating System Support

    • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications

    Platform Support

    • Microsoft Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and more

    SQL Version

    • ANSI SQL-92 compliant


    Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline Documentation

    Security Vulnerability Response Policy

    Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy

    Priority* Time Guideline Version(s)
    High Risk
    (CVSS 8+ or industry equivalent)
    30 days Active (i.e. latest shipping version) and all Supported versions
    Medium Risk
    (CVSS 5-to-8 or industry equivalent)
    180 days Active (i.e. latest shipping version)
    Low Risk
    (CVSS 0-to-5 or industry equivalent)
    Next major release or best effort Active (i.e. latest shipping version)

    * Priority is established based on the current version of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), an open industry standard for assessing the severity of computer system security vulnerabilities. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to


    Provide Cloud Connectivity to SQL Server Data using DataDirect Cloud

    DataDirect Cloud provides simple, secure access to cloud and on-premises data sources for your business intelligence tools and other applications. This video shows you how to create data source definitions for both an on-premise and a cloud-based Microsoft SQL Server and how to use SQL Testing to run queries.

    Access SQL Server behind the firewall using our On-Premise Connector

    DataDirect Cloud comes with an on-premise connector that allows your Cloud/SaaS applications to access data behind the firewall without having to change the network configurations, or setting up VPNs or changing firewalls. This video shows you how to use our On-Premise connector to connect to a SQL Server behind the firewall.

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