Field Service_&_Data_Management_Elephant_LP

Field Services Apps and the
Data Management Elephant


For field service agents, delivering exceptional customer outcomes requires a connected app experience. Having a digital field work force is no longer a competitive advantage, but a requirement.

Progress Kinvey is a high productivity cloud platform that enables enterprises to tackle all three major roadblocks in app development: mobility, data management and development speed. Download this whitepaper to learn how Kinvey enables you to:

  • Accelerate the development of new apps or features to keep up with user demand
  • Build field apps with rich offline capabilities and synchronization with enterprise systems
  • Access data from any enterprise system/data source at sub-second speed

In today’s digital world, an empowered field services team can make all the difference. With Kinvey, you can set your field services team up for success by providing them with the applications they need.