XQuery and Web Services: some practical examples

XQuery and Web Services: some practical examples

by Minollo
March 10, 2008 0 Comments

We have been mentioning in several occasions - like here - that using XQuery in the context of Web services is an extremely powerful and flexible approach. The fact that XQuery and Web services share the same underlying data model (at least in the vast majority of practical cases), it makes it extremely appealing to use XQuery to access and merge information returned by one or more Web services, maybe aggregate it with data available in RDBMS and maybe even expose the resulting XQuery itself as a Web service.

As most of us have an engineering background rather than a marketing one, we often find it much easier to show something than to talk about it. That's why we have created a few pages on our website that describe how DataDirect XQuery can be exposed as a Web service without any additional coding, supporting both WSDL/SOAP or REST interfaces; and how you can use DataDirect XQuery to consume other Web services.

We will keep adding Web service-based examples over time; so make sure you visit often!


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