Write, Run and Share ABL Code from a Browser with ABL Dojo

Write, Run and Share ABL Code from a Browser with ABL Dojo

Posted on May 05, 2017 0 Comments
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The ABL Dojo enables new and aspiring ABL developers to quickly develop and review snippet code more easily than ever—right from the browser.

Do you remember how long it took you to get started with the Progress OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL), or any other programming language? You would have to first download the installer, install the SDK, and then configure your development environment. All of this before you could write a simple “Hello World” program.

How about trying to share code snippets with your co-workers or in communities? Not only is it cumbersome to create a simple test case (snippet) in your development environment and paste it in communities as an answer, it is also not quite intuitive to paste a huge code snippet. It’s tough to read and inconvenient for the user to quickly try out the shared sample.

To address these pain points, we have created a developer utility, ABL Dojo. It is an interactive website that lets you write, run, and share OpenEdge ABL code from your web browser.

The ABL Dojo aims to reduce the barrier to entry for new and aspiring OpenEdge developers by letting them try out ABL without having to install any software. It is also useful as a scratch-pad editor for current ABL developers to quickly try out snippets without having to launch their development setup. All you need is a browser to start writing and executing ABL.

ABL Dojo also lets you create snippets and share them using a unique URL, which makes code-sharing in communities or with your co-workers a piece of cake.

This utility is very similar to http://dojo.telerik.com which lets you try out the Kendo UI controls from your browser.

Now that you have a fair idea of how this utility can help you, let’s watch a demo:

You can learn more about ABL Dojo here.

To learn more about how to use this utility, refer to the ABL Dojo How-to guide.

Try ABL Dojo

Rob Straight

Rob Straight

Rob is a Senior Manager of OpenEdge Product Management. He has been a member of the Product Management team for 12 years, gathering user requirements and organizing product releases to meet those requirements. His primary technology focus is on the ABL language and IDE, Application Server, integration technologies, application security, mobile technology and Business Process Management (BPM).


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