With Progress Rollbase, everyone's an app developer

With Progress Rollbase, everyone's an app developer

Posted on January 09, 2014 0 Comments

Creating apps can be easier and thus faster.

Creating apps can be easier and thus faster.

Creating new applications at a pace that appeases users can be a challenge today. After all, the acceptance of apps as the building blocks of business has raised standards and created constant calls for new and updated functionality. If you feel like your current development methods simply can't match this demand, that may be a sign that it's time for new tools. This is where Progress® Rollbase® enters the picture.

Converting application design and deployment from specialist tasks to simple, graphical undertakings, this software can change the way departments operate. Users within and outside of your firm want new Software-as-a-Service tools, and workers equipped with Progress® Rollbase® can provide them efficiently.

Based in the browser What could be simpler than using the Internet browser to access development tools? Rather than installing a complex set of proprietary programs, Progress Rollbase users simply navigate to the environment and begin. With the hosted model, the hardware is not even in the building. This is the promise of the cloud, a development environment that is actually more accessible due to its physical distance from the workers. Your company can realistically change its entire app creation outlook based on this new functionality.

Speed up your processes The desire for new software is enormous, and the better an organization becomes at rapid application development, the better chance it has to fill this need and retain its foothold in the market. The lack of specialized application developers could make Progress Rollbase a key resource in such a high-speed strategy. Instead of assigning a team to each new project, decision-makers can deputize workers from the Web development or business analysis disciplines and set them to work. The actual need for code is hugely reduced when using Rollbase, meaning these employees can begin and end their projects in less time than they thought possible.

The apps your users want

Whether deigning applications for internal use or to connect with partners, you want these programs to be functional, well-suited to their tasks and preferably branded with your company's logos. Progress Rollbase creates a streamlined environment in which this is all possible. With its low tech knowledge requirements, it lets you assign people who understand the purpose of the application in question, even if their background is not in hard coding.

Becoming a leader in a field means optimizing practices, and today that starts with your application lineup. Deploying a strong group of SaaS apps, designed without the intervention of specifically designated coders, could be a quick and efficient way to assume this role, whatever your firm's particular industry.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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