Windows Vista Round up

Windows Vista Round up

Posted on January 30, 2007 0 Comments

Some of my favorite articles around the web covering the launch of Windows Vista includes an interesting story from a Mac user who went down the Vista path, trying various laptops and then ending up back on Mac OS X. Check out MSNBC for details. Next the New York Times bemoans the inevitable marketing blitz that comes with Microsoft release the size of this. Interesting the NYTimes also talks about a new industry that has sprung up, and gained some level of validity. Probably one of the more entertaining aspects of the broad marketing push, was Bill Gates visit to the Jon Stewart's Daily Show show. Watch how Jon Steward attempts to extract Bill Gate's PC password from him. And a nice follow-up is worth watching too. Comedy and market fluff aside, it seems popular to brush aside the affect Windows Vista will have on the industry. Given the market share they maintain, the many hundreds of thousands of man years that have been invested in this product (and others launching at the same time, eg Office) the affect will be felt. Maybe not the tidal wave once associated with previous Windows launches, but by the time we hit the first Service Pack, I expect the true potential of Vista will be realized.

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