Why Organizations Are Becoming More Data-driven

Why Organizations Are Becoming More Data-driven

Posted on August 11, 2021 0 Comments
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I listened to a webinar recently — Solving Silos: Becoming a More Data-Driven Organization — with 451 Senior Research Analyst Paige Bartley and MarkLogic customer Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society. I want to share some key points that Paige highlighted which reflect how many of our customers view data management/data governance and why this is so important to their business strategy.

Data Governance started as a way to meet regulatory or compliance needs, but that mindset is changing. We learned in the webinar that in organizations that are truly data-driven, data governance is no longer viewed as reactive — it is a way to accelerate business insights and drive business results.

Leveraging data to make strategic and more informed business decisions is one of the top priorities of all the companies I talk to.

Benefits of Being Data-driven

Let’s dig into some of the findings from 451 Research regarding the benefits of being data-driven. These results are strongly aligned with the experience of our customers, who leverage data across their business to not only achieve better business insight but to grow their business and increase customer satisfaction.

Lowering costs and improving business processes has always been a priority for IT investment. What I have found is that IT decisions made around data access may reduce costs, but can also accelerate revenue-generating activities for the business, leading to increased sales, better customer engagement, and the ability to deliver new or enhanced products and services.

The research shows, as highlighted in the graphic above, that respondents expect that becoming more data-driven will help drive business growth and improved business agility. These benefits are equally, if not more, important than cost reduction and business process improvement for the business.

Circling back to data governance — Paige emphasizes a key point:

It is no longer about big data – it is about better data.

She also noted that “82% of data-driven organizations see it as adding value to the organization.”

The 451 Research results highlight the business value that data governance brings to respondents:

  • higher quality of data and insight
  • faster access to relevant data
  • reduction in IT bottlenecks

It is obvious that being data-driven can provide a competitive advantage for many companies, yet many struggle to achieve that goal.

In my next blog, I will address some of the challenges the customers I work with face in becoming more data-driven, and why choosing the right technologies can aid these efforts. I’ll also explain how MarkLogic technology and expertise has helped our customers deliver more value to their business through better data.

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George Bloom

George has over 25 years of experience in collaborating with customers to solve complex business problems associated with data. His breath and depth of experience range from the early days of relational technology, through the evolution of middleware and data transformation solutions, to today’s focus on “big data” integration and its potential positive impact on business processes. His experience across multiple industries and understanding of how new technology can help solve pressing business problems makes George a trusted advisor to his customers and a frequent panelist at industry conferences.

George’s experience in both "start-up" (Sisense, Cirro, Itemfield, Connotate) and established software companies (Informatica, Oracle) gives him a unique perspective on "best practices" and the solutions available to enterprises today. At MarkLogic, George leads a team of Sales Executives who work with enterprises to solve data problems and create new business opportunities by rethinking how data should be managed.

George holds a BA Degree in History from Columbia University and an MBA from Rutgers Business School.


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