Why Node.js Adoption Is Skyrocketing

Why Node.js Adoption Is Skyrocketing

Posted on December 29, 2014 0 Comments

JavaScript usage and demand is increasing faster than any other language due in no small part to the growing popularity of Node.js, a server-side runtime that executes JavaScript at high speeds. Now Modulus, offers a premier Node.js hosting platform with a complete technology stack for application developers that is gaining traction in the enterprise.

In fact,  Modulus has doubled our customer base in the last six months and is working with companies like Citrix and Fitbit. So why is JavaScript so useful, and what does the enterprise do with the Modulus platform? Let me explain.

The value of JavaScript for enterprise

JavaScript is a ubiquitous language, well known by millions of developers. When using Node.js, JavaScript becomes a fully functional programming language that is well suited for making real-time business apps and APIs. Because of its ability to run JavaScript on the server side, Node.js increases the number of apps a company can run,  improving developer productivity.

Server side functionality is critical for IoT, wearables and other emerging devices. Node.js is made for the mobile functionality permeating every facet of business today. By using the Modulus platform, companies have a way to manage, monitor and scale the growth of these Node.js applications.

Black Friday with Node

A case in point is Wal-Mart. On Thanksgiving weekend, Wal-Mart servers processed 1.5 billion requests a day. 70% of them were delivered through mobile, powered by Node.js.

Node.js offers the ability to handle enormous volumes of traffic because of how Node.js works, Walmart needed this advantage to meet mobile demand. Going forward we will see more mobile applications powered by Node.js.

Another key driver helping Node.js skyrocket is npm, the Node Package Management repository, npm is growing rapidly and recently reached a milestone of 100,000 modules - some contributed by corporations but most by individuals. A part of Node since the very early releases, the majority of the industry uses it. npm is currently the largest module repository used by developers in the world.

Check back soon for an update on how Progress is supporting the adoption of Modulus in the enterprise, and contact us for more information or support.

Paul Nashawaty

As the senior director of product marketing and strategy for the Progress solutions and audience marketing team, Paul Nashawaty keeps his eyes peeled on what enterprises are doing about big data as it relates to digital transformation. Paul is responsible for applying practical business methodologies using technological solutions to drive success in organizations.


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