Why DMSi Abandoned Salesforce for Progress Rollbase

Why DMSi Abandoned Salesforce for Progress Rollbase

Posted on January 26, 2015 0 Comments

What does it take for a company to abandon investments of time and money in Salesforce? A better alternative. That’s what DMSi discovered when they decided to give Progress® Rollbase® a try at CRM.

A long-time Rollbase customer, DMSi is the leading business management solution for distributors of building materials and forest products. The company was using Salesforce, but it was expensive, and even after five years, lacked the flexibility, agility and ease of use DMSi needed to accommodate its large customer base.

The team at DMSi decided to forsake its Salesforce implementation and build a brand-new CRM application using Rollbase. The new application manages relationships with more than 50 trade associations, enabling DMSi to track activities, create records and keep the data clean. The solution also provides seamless integration with DMSi’s existing Progress® OpenEdge®-based Agility ERP application. It has equivalent functionality to the old Salesforce implementation, and only took three months to build.

Rollbase can be deployed on any infrastructure, including public and private cloud infrastructures, such as Amazon and Rackspace, as well as on-premise or in local datacenters. Its point-and-click, drag-and-drop features help business users create and customize applications that meet their specific needs.

“The difference between Salesforce and Progress Rollbase is that Salesforce is an application trying to be a platform,” said Brent Heavican, Director of Architecture and Innovation at DMSi. “Rollbase, on the other hand, is a platform you can use to build your applications.”

The best news? DMSi is saving money. Using Rollbase instead of Salesforce helped the team reduce costs by 35-50 percent, while providing more flexibility and enabling business users to develop and customize their applications—without having to consult IT.

“I am not a programmer, but I did most of the work on the first prototype of our CRM application,” said Jason Niemi, Director of Product Management at DMSi. “That’s how easy it is to build applications with Progress Rollbase.”

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Rollbase is available to try free for 30 days. Try Rollbase for free now.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.

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