Who's Job is it (to Sequence and Process Errors) Anyway?

Who's Job is it (to Sequence and Process Errors) Anyway?

September 29, 2010 0 Comments

It is a common software and integration architectural principle that the more dependencies built into a service, the less reusable that service becomes.  So then, why do some many vendors and enterprises continually create tightly coupled services and therefore lose re-usability?

The answer likely has something to do with mediation, more specifically sequencing and error recovery mediation. Sequencing and Error Recovery mediation are the two topics covered in a new webcast and technical paper posted today on Progress.com.  Both discuss why and how you should delegate sequencing and error recovery completely away from services, how this makes services unaware of what order they’re called in and the order the processes execute in, and ultimately how this makes services maximally reusable and your business more operationally responsive. 

The paper also explains how the Sonic ESB is designed to perform sequencing and, with multiple output paths on each endpoint, enable error recovery processes that are separate from the “happy” path. Just as important, Sonic offers the unique benefit of enabling you to orchestrate services using BEPL or itineraries—whichever is optimal for your process scenario.

Be sure to watch the Sequencing and Error-Recovery webcast and download the technical brief to learn more about the Seven Points of Mediation and the importance of each in relation to supporting a truly agile and responsive business application infrastructure.

Check out all of the Enterprise Integration Whiteboard Series white papers and videos here!

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