When Should an Enterprise Embrace Open-Source?

When Should an Enterprise Embrace Open-Source?

Posted on April 19, 2016 0 Comments
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Open-source is known for its rapid development, but sometimes stability is sacrificed. When is it safe to trust your business infrastructure to an open-source project?

All organizations want to develop projects faster, but the trick is to do it safely. When you’re ready to deploy your projects in a production environment, you want to know they’re secure and supported. The open-source community has a deserved reputation for working on innovative software at an impressive speed, but if there is no central organizing force behind your open-source project, progress can seem haphazard.

For an enterprise company with a variety of stakeholders and business objectives tied to specific dates, it may feel too risky to invest heavily in open-source. Time or cost savings can be very enticing, but many organizations worry that by the time they’ve implemented open-source software, it could already be unsupported.

When considering open-source for your business, it’s important to know who’s supporting it and whether there is a team dedicated to long-term innovation. No sense choosing an open-source solution if it will be obsolete and unsupported in no time.

That’s what makes Progress open-source projects so compelling. The backing of Progress means open-source projects have the dependable support infrastructure businesses require from a company that has been in the business of serving developers for 35 years.

For example, the Progress-led open-source framework called NativeScript creates huge efficiencies for our customers wanting to develop natively for multiple mobile platforms. This provides great business advantages, and improves opportunities to engage customers across a multitude of platforms and devices—write for one mobile platform, deploy to several. And with the backing of Progress, NativeScript can offer enterprise-grade support for companies that need it.

What NativeScript Can Do for You

Mobile app development is at a crossroads right now. Developing native applications in different languages for Android, Windows and iOS is time consuming and expensive. However, current hybrid approaches traditionally lack the richness and fail to deliver the same performance that native apps enable. In the meantime, consumer mobile app expectations continue to rise.

NativeScript is a framework that allows for true cross-platform native apps, while still enabling the productivity advantages familiar to hybrid approaches. That means the developers on your team, or the ones you plan to hire, only need to know one language to get true native performance and functionality across platforms. That language can be JavaScript, which most developers already know, or even TypeScript and Angular, which we continue to collaborate on directly with Google.

You gain the full capabilities of native apps with just one build instead of several, and can hire from the large pool of developers already proficient in JavaScript. This is an amazing opportunity for business leaders and developers alike.

A Trusted Partner You Can Rely On

At Progress, we are developers at our core, and NativeScript is at the heart of what we do. As we work every day to create applications to help businesses and organizations of all sizes, we know NativeScript offers tremendous advantages for your business. We’re fully invested in its success, because your success is our success, too.

As we implement our plan to grow NativeScript, our goal is to create a sustainable product that is both open-source and commercially available, including the elegant UI tools our customers have come to expect from our Telerik Developer Tools. Along the way we are dedicated to providing first-class support and maintaining a rapid pace of development.

NativeScript is downloaded more than 6000 times every month—an increase of almost 200% in just the last six months—and is rapidly growing. As the popularity of NativeScript takes off, we are determined to bring you an amazing product that you can rely on.

Remember, the mobile expectations of your customers continue to rise, so don’t fall behind and miss opportunities. Let NativeScript minimize your costs and boost your efficiency. Check it out today.


Sean Doherty

As Chief Sales Officer for Progress for the Americas, Mr. Doherty is responsible for sales across the entire Progress digital business platform to both direct customers and partner channels. He is a seasoned sales and business development executive with expertise in leading sales teams throughout the United States and globally.


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