What will you ride at the Carnival?

What will you ride at the Carnival?

January 30, 2009 0 Comments

It is almost half-way through the "Carnival" season in New Orleans, Louisiana - the traditional pre-lenten party that runs up until Fat Tuesday (February 24th for those without a calendar handy). Sorry if I've got New Orleans on the brain lately, but it is because we have already started planning for Exchange 2009 - being held in the "Big Easy" this June.

One of this year's tracks will focus on Application Modernization - how you can make it easier to update your application with smarter design and innovative methods - all to make your application and your business more competitive. We've gotten a number of great breakout proposals submitted so far - ranging from great success stories, how customers like you have implemented solutions faster and better than before, to some great failures - with lessons of what not to do. And of course there is the technology - the details and examples from the experts on how to make your products do what you need them to while still doing your day job.

So what do you want to see at Exchange to help you make your application more competitive?

Just like any modern-day carnival - with the rides, parades and neat things to see - Exchange always seems to present everyone with the problem of figuring out which breakout sessions to attend. And of course, you can never see them all...

So help us prioritize all the neat things to see in the MOD track. Send me your feedback and input so you can get to see everything you want to in New Orleans (OK - I'm just talking about at the conference... Once you are on Bourbon Street, you're on your own...(-; )

  • What are the biggest business challenges that you are facing with your application and your organization today?
  • Do you know how you will solve them?
  • What is stopping you from solving them?
  • What is the one change you need to solve your most important issue?

Send me your feedback today. It will help us give you the "Big Easy" ideas for keeping your application and your business competitive in today's economy.

UPDATE: Exchange 2009 is going online. To learn more about Exchange 2009, visit here.

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