What's New: Service packs for ADO.NET and ODBC

What's New: Service packs for ADO.NET and ODBC

Posted on February 17, 2010 0 Comments

This week marks the release of two new product service packs for our ADO.NET and ODBC product lines. Service packs mostly consist of a roll-up of bug fixes to our products but occasionally include certifications for specific database and platform versions.

So here’s a list of what is included in each of these service packs:

Connect for ADO.NET 3.3 SP1 Release Highlights

  • Connection Pooling enhancements for the DB2 provider
  • Performance improvements for Entity Framework access to Oracle
  • Support for Oracle 11gR2
  • Support for Windows 7 platform (all providers)

Connect/Connect64 for ODBC 6.0 SP3 Release Highlights

  • Support for Greenplum 3.3
  • Support for PostgreSQL 8.4

Don’t see something you were hoping for? Post a comment or send an email to info@datadirect.com.

Free trials are available for any of our products at http://www.datadirect.com/downloads/index.ssp.

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