What’s New on z/OS V1.11?

What’s New on z/OS V1.11?

Posted on December 15, 2009 0 Comments

In this podcast Gregg Willhoit offers his take on IBM’s recent release of z/OS. This podcast last for 1:07.

You may listen to the podcast here: http://blogs.datadirect.com/media/GreggWillhoit_zOS11.mp3

Gregg Willhoit:

image Regarding z/OS V1.11, there’s so much in z/OS V1.11 that really impresses. IBM continues to make great strides with regard to the simplification of managing and monitoring z/OS. They’re also making great strides with regard to lowering TCO and making System z platform and particularly z/OS system a very, very, very cost protective computing platform. In the past, prior to release 1.11, when you wanted to use either a zAAP or a zIIP you had to buy one or the other or both, but IBM has added the ability to run zAAP workloads on the zIIP. So now you can buy one, and they’re extremely inexpensive, and you can run both Java and enclave SRB or zIIP eligible workloads. I think that’s great for customers. I also believe -- I think I read where IBM’s actually taking that and adding that support back to previous releases of z/OS.

Gregg Willhoit

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