WebRowSet makes a return

WebRowSet makes a return

Posted on June 22, 2006 0 Comments

Much of my attention, and rightly so has been focused on vNext and the halo effect it is generated since we had it's coming out party during Tech Ed 2006. Every so often you see a technology although established in terms of the fact this is a core part of a platform, getting a fresh look from someone who recognizes it's usefulness in today's context. WebRowSet is one of those technologies I spent a lot of time during the life-time of JSR-114, and to my reading pleasure I spotted an article on 'Making the Most of JDBC WebRowSet' on OnJava.Com Sharad Acharya does a good job of stretching 's legs, although I would council that his choice of JDBC Driver will present issues for him down the road. Some of the limitations of WebRowSet, such as it's ability to deal with supremely large datasets, I fully recognize, but at design time this was rightly considered way out of scope. Dealing with large XML data is not easy, although some recent product announcements with DataDirect XQuery 2.0 greatly enhance how applications can manage both the pervasiveness of XML and difficultly of managing large XML data.

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