WEBINAR: Make Data Preparation Easy with Progress Easyl

WEBINAR: Make Data Preparation Easy with Progress Easyl

Posted on January 12, 2015 0 Comments

Data Preparation to Paint the Big Picture

Have you ever watched an artist at work? They don’t just sit down and conjure their art out of thin air.  First, there is some preparation to be done. The artist must gather his paints and paintbrushes or clay and sculpting tools, come up with a plan, and then put that plan into action.

Data Blending for Faster, Better Business Decisions

Every day, we follow a similar process to make business decisions. The planning and action steps are easy. With data visualization software like Tableau which is now ubiquitous, it is easy to get a complete picture of your data and act on it. The real problem occurs in gathering that data and sculpting it into a form that you can use. With data coming from all over the place and no good way to manage it, some unfortunate person is often stuck in manually pulling all of that data together—until now.

Progress invites you to our latest webinar

Make Data Preparation Easy with Progress Easyl

Data Analysis Made Easy

Progress® Easy®l is our new self-serve data blending tool that makes it a breeze to prepare your data for analysis. With a click of a button, you can easily pull all your data from their various sources and silos and blend it together so you can get a complete picture of your business and make the right decisions based on powerful analytics.

You’re Invited to Learn More

I’d like to invite you to a short webinar I’m hosting on January 15, 2015 that will demonstrate how Easyl:

  • Simplifies data preparation, blending and sharing from all your SaaS and on-premise business applications
  • Eases the preparation process to give you cleaner, higher-quality data
  • Delivers highly consumable data that's easier to share and analyze

Register now and say hello to better data! See you there!

Jamie Meritt

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