Webinar: Developing Interoperable .NET Applications with DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET

Webinar: Developing Interoperable .NET Applications with DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET

June 21, 2007 0 Comments

Join us on June 28th for the another installment in our series of online webinars. Remember, attendance is free and you can register herefor the conference details. The presentation abstract follows below: Are you tasked with developing applications in a heterogeneous database environment? Would you like to avoid vendor lock-in associated with proprietary capabilities provided by Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Sybase? Would you like to realize the run-time, development and deployment benefits provided by 100% managed ADO.NET providers? If so, join us for this technical webinar that will explain how you can develop applications that can support any database, while reducing the cost of developing, deploying and maintaining those applications. We'll discuss the SQL Leveling capabilities provided by DataDirect and the interoperability features included in the ADO.NET 2.0 specification. We'll look at the ADO.NET 2.0 common model as well as the interoperability features that are only provided by the DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET providers: Escape clauses and SQL Extensions, Date & Time Functions, Outer Joins, Scalar Functions, Numeric Functions, String Functions, Invoking Stored Procedures, etc. ADO.NET code samples will be used to illustrate best practice approach to interoperability. As usual, we will do this presentation to suit both the EMEA/APAC and US timezones, so don't forget to register for the presentation that best suits your location.

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