Web applications promising, expanding to mobile

Web applications promising, expanding to mobile

Posted on March 05, 2014 0 Comments

Web apps are growing. Soon, they will be accessible on many platforms.

Web apps are growing. Soon, they will be accessible on many platforms.

Businesses have become highly application-based over the past few years. Deploying software in these discrete units has become a standard procedure, with leaders realizing the benefits of offering standardized interfaces that can be accessed from anywhere. One of the most open and freeing types of deployment involves the use of Web applications, accessed through standard Internet browsers instead of installed. These apps amplify the benefits of the form, in that they are highly platform-agnostic, widely accessible and, with the right tools, easy to develop.

The promise of Web apps

Industry experts have noticed the potential improvements that can come to businesses through the use of Web-based applications. Notably, the mobile space has become a hot topic lately. It's important to run software that can connect smartphones and tablets to the desktop PC workforce and, according to TechTarget, that may be a job for Web apps.

TechTarget explained that businesses are deploying software that can be accessed through browsers as a way to create single utilities for the entire workforce, no matter the operating systems each individual employee uses. Traditionally, the presence of Android and iOS as dual leaders in the mobile OS sphere would mean developing each mobile app at least twice, once for either system, and keeping both versions up-to-date.

TechTarget suggested that accessing mobile app environments through a browser is a relatively new idea, but one that has become very exciting for businesses. This means they are pushing ahead with the technology despite the fact that an iOS or Android Web browser will not match the specifications of today's PC offerings. There are some features that workers with mobile devices will not be able to access when using these new offerings, including functions that open separate windows. However, the challenges present in the marketplace today could be solved through effective work by app development teams, equipped with the right technology.

Creating new tools

Since the new wave of applications has become a vital business consideration, it's more important than ever that application development teams have the equipment needed to do their jobs. This means equipping these personnel with a suite of development tools that can cut down on unnecessary functions and help them deploy flexible and accessible Web apps on an accelerated schedule. Without the proper development platform, these departments might end up bogged down or, worse, unable to deliver the functionality demanded by the user base. With hopes high for the future of Web apps, setting a strong framework in place might prove vital.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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