Videos on multi-tenant table support are available on PSDN

Videos on multi-tenant table support are available on PSDN

December 29, 2011 0 Comments

Support for multi-tenant tables is one of the key new features in OpenEdge 11. I've just published the first six in a series of short videos to introduce you to multi-tenancy, including how to use the new Database Administration Console, which is part of both OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer, and which lets you define tenants, domains, and all the other components of a multi-tenant database. There are also white papers that essentially duplicate the content of the videos in a form you may find easier to follow along with as you watch the videos, and a zip file containing the files you would need to use to go through the same exercise I do in the videos. Additional videos and papers will be published in the coming weeks on topics including how to create and manage multi-tenant sequences and groups, and how to convert an OpenEdge 10 database to OpenEdge 11 to take advantage of multi-tenancy support. You can find all the materials at this landing page in the PSDN OpenEdge section of

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