Updated ODBC Application Performance Tutorial

Updated ODBC Application Performance Tutorial

Posted on December 05, 2011 0 Comments

We have added fresh options and content to our ODBC application performance tutorial.   From connection pooling, to packet size, and many other options, each one is explained in detail making the options easy to understand - and making it even easier to optimize application performance with DataDirect Connect for ODBC Drivers!

Do you have the need for speed in your application?  Want to enable bulk load so you can migrate data from one database to another much faster?  It's all in the guide!

One of the advantages of DataDirect Connect® Series ODBC drivers (DataDirect Connect for ODBC and DataDirect Connect64 for ODBC) is their flexibility; they can be fine-tuned to enhance performance. The settings that enhance performance may result in reduced functionality, but often the functionality vs. performance trade-off has no impact on the application. The information in the following sections discusses how to tune the DB2, Informix, Informix Wire Protocol, Oracle, Oracle Wire Protocol, and Sybase Wire Protocol drivers for increased performance.

• Informix (Connect for ODBC only) and Informix Wire Protocol • Oracle Wire Protocol and Oracle Client • Sybase Wire Protocol • DB2 Wire Protocol • SQL Server Wire Protocol • MySQL Wire Protocol • Salesforce Wire Protocol • PostgreSQL Wire Protocol • Greenplum Wire Protocol

Click here to go to the ODBC application performance tutorial


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