Unlock Your MongoDB Data for BI and Analytics

Unlock Your MongoDB Data for BI and Analytics

Posted on June 22, 2015 0 Comments

Join our webinar on June 25 to see how Progress brings ODBC and JDBC connectivity to MongoDB.

The flexibility of MongoDB is great for data that does not have a one-to-one relationship. But answering crucial business questions from this highly complex data requires a relational view. Progress® DataDirect® JDBC and ODBC connectivity for MongoDB normalizes your non-relational data to a more familiar relational format. This normalization allows you to:

  • Enable your analytics applications, such as Tableau or Microstrategy, to access MongoDB data to give you the business intelligence you need
  • Access your MongoDB data through your existing applications that use standards-based SQL
  • Leverage your existing investment in SQL-based analytics, applications, business analysts and developers so that you can expand into MongoDB without the headaches of changing everything

What Does SQL in a NoSQL World Look Like?

Join us for the June 25 DataDirect webinar

Join us for the June 25 DataDirect Webinar.

On Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 2 p.m. ET, Progress is hosting a webinar focusing on how our DataDirect MongoDB drivers establish ODBC and JDBC connectivity to data in MongoDB, providing SQL access to your non-relational data.

We’ll start off with an overview of the Big Data landscape and where MongoDB falls amongst other big data trends and technologies. During the presentation, I will also be demonstrating the data normalization features of our new MongoDB driver, which allows BI applications to access this data with standard SQL queries.

Get Your Sneak Peek at ODBC and JDBC Connectivity for MongoDB

If you can’t wait, I’ve got you covered. You can get a free trial of our MongoDB driver for ODBC or JDBC from our website right now! I’m looking forward to helping you harness your MongoDB data in the webinar next week.

Idaliz Baez

Idaliz is a Sales Engineer with Progress. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Idaliz Baez spent a year at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center gaining on-the-job experience before returning to Duke in pursuit of her Masters of Engineering Management degree. 


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