Tutorial: Firewall Friendly Access from Azure to On-Premises

Tutorial: Firewall Friendly Access from Azure to On-Premises

November 04, 2016 0 Comments
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On-premises connectivity from Azure is critical for businesses. Why? In this blog, we explore this idea along with the deployment of a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Solution That Can Run on Azure

Progress DataDirect is proud to introduce Hybrid Data Pipeline. Now, you can host our cloud solution on Azure or any other cloud.

With DataDirect Cloud, introduced three years ago, cloud connectivity came to your fingertips with just a few clicks. However, while many customers leveraged it to integrate with cloud and on-premises sources, some wanted to be able to run and control this connectivity for themselves.

Hybrid Data Pipeline is here to let you do just that—it's a "hostable" version of DataDirect Cloud. You can learn more about about both these products in our cloud connectivity solutions page.

On-Premises Connectivity Is Critical for Businesses

Most organizations today adopt a hybrid strategy when it comes to application deployment or storing data. While they see the tremendous advantage of cloud capabilities, they also want to keep their sensitive data behind firewalls. As organizations make this transition from on-premises to the cloud, it becomes increasingly important for the applications migrated/deployed in the cloud to be able to access sensitive data behind the firewall.

Intuit used our solution to retrieve customer information from Siebel to Salesforce. Likewise, Board leveraged DataDirect Cloud while moving its solution from on-premises to the cloud. In all such scenarios where you want to securely access data behind the firewall, our trusted on-premises connector is essential for your organization.

Secure Firewal Traversal

How Do You Host Our Hybrid Cloud Solution on Azure?

DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is a lightweight software service that is embedded into a virtual machine running on Azure. All your applications hosted on the same Azure cloud can then access data from data sources that are either in the cloud or on-premises. Your applications can use a single standard API—SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData)—to access any of the data source types we support, including cloud, SQL, Big Data and NoSQL.

2 Essential Components for Firewall Friendly Access from Azure

Hybrid Data Pipeline Server

This is the component that an application interfaces to for accessing data and managing the data sources. It is deployed close to the consuming application. It can be on the same machine or on its own machine within the same cloud. It exposes ODBC, JDBC, OData and REST APIs.

On-Premises Connector

This is the component that is installed remotely, typically behind a firewall. It provides the services to securely move data from on-premises data stores residing behind a firewall to the cloud. This module securely connects to the Hybrid Data Pipeline Server without requiring firewall configuration changes using HTTPS. You don’t need the complex SSH tunnels, reverse proxies or any firewall changes.

Next Steps

You can get started by downloading Hybrid Data Pipeline trial version. You can then follow the tutorial series drafted by Saikrishna Teja Bobba (@the_dataguy) to run your own hybrid connectivity solution from Azure:

  1. The first tutorial walks you through the installation of the Hybrid Data Pipeline server on Azure
  2. After you install the Hybrid Data Pipeline, you can follow the next tutorial to configure the on-premises connector on Azure

While no additional components are required to produce OData from your applications, you do need to install an ODBC or JDBC driver if you want to use an ODBC or JDBC API to connect to our Hybrid Data Pipeline server. These tutorials will soon be available. If you have more questions, speak with one of our data connectivity experts today!

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Nishanth Kadiyala

Nishanth Kadiyala is a Technical Marketing Manager at Progress. He got his B.Tech degree from IIT Guwahati and his MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. He has worked on several technologies including database designing, SQL querying and Cloud Computing in the past. Currently, he is committed to educating enterprises about standards based connectivity via ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OData. He is also proficient with DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity Services – DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Data Pipeline. You can stay in touch with him through Twitter.

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