Turkey leftovers

Turkey leftovers

November 28, 2005 0 Comments

After four days of unchecked eating turkey leftovers and residual pumpkin pie and pumpkin gingerbread trifles, I was sent a link earlier so I could accurately account for the damage to my waistline...

In other news, some former Google employees have set up Xooglers where they talk about their nascent experiences at Googleplex. This is one of the more interesting insights into the ins and outs of what is a very unique working environment, even for a Valley-based company.

And lastly Michael Rys is soliciting input as to what people are looking for regarding XML support in SQLServer.next. It is interesting to see the comments posted so far. However, this raises the wider debate on how/where XML can be optimally processed; that is, whether XML should be processed exclusively within the confines of a database such as SQL Server, or more perhaps benefit from the flexibility of a middle tier? Various standardization efforts such as this, will likely significantly influence the feedback.

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