Tips and Tricks for Improving Data Access

Tips and Tricks for Improving Data Access

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

When confronted with seemingly unmanageable Big Data sets, easy access to the right data seems far from feasible. It’s true, Big Data management does present some challenges, but effective data access can still be achieved, and we’ll show you how! Below is the first in a series of two blog posts with a few key tips from the DataDirect team to help you achieve high-performance data connectivity.

Understand Hadoop Hadoop is an ecosystem designed to help companies store massive amounts of Big Data. It’s becoming more and more prevalent, so understanding how to get your Big Data in and out of Hadoop will be key to moving forward, as organizations tackle the challenges of assimilating Big Data within existing data infrastructures. To view a step-by-step video on getting your Big Data in and out of Hadoop, click here.

Integrate Cloud Data with Existing Reporting Applications Cloud applications like have completely changed how we think about and work with our customer data. However, these systems have also complicated getting the real-time reports that we rely on for sound business decision-making, thus creating the demand for a solution that enables such real-time reporting. Progress DataDirect’s ODBC driver makes the integration between CRM and Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC possible. Click here to find out how.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by Big Data Big Data holds huge potential benefits for businesses, but if your company isn’t prepared to handle it – and few today are – you can easily miss out on the business value it has to offer.  Many companies simply lack the flexible, scalable data infrastructure needed to exploit Big Data for critical business insight. Check out this video about Big Data management for more details.

Get SQL Access to Salesforce Data Salesforce data offers huge value for many companies, but access issues can stand in the way of companies reaping its full benefits. By utilizing DataDirect’s Connect XE for ODBC, companies can access Salesforce data via SQL and ODBC. These drivers allow you to establish a connection and begin executing your queries in a manner of minutes. Click here to see how it’s done.

Tune into our next post to learn about achieving type 5 JDBC success, moving Big Data faster with Bulk Load and more!


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