Three Shouts: Virtualization, Data Services, and Beer

Three Shouts: Virtualization, Data Services, and Beer

Posted on June 06, 2008 0 Comments

With apologies to Tears for Fears, it's time for me to shout (not a RickRoll) about a few items that I think deserve some attention.

First and foremost, my esteemed colleague Mike Johnson has written an excellent article entitled The Importance of Data Connectivity to Virtualization. Rather than being a tribute to a cleverly written play by Oscar Wilde, Mike's article presents the case for choosing high quality data connectivity components in order to maximize an investment in virtualization.

Second, if you haven't yet signed up to attend Data Services World, I would recommend you get off of your duff and do so. The conference, scheduled for June 24, 3008 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, features a keynote delivered by John Goodson, an industry luminary in data connectivity and someone that I report up to. Anyone interested in learning more about data services should attend as John is as excellent a speaker as he is a generous boss. ^_^

Third, and finally, I'd like to call attention to beer that I had recently, a 2007 Abyss from Deschutes Brewery out of Bend Oregon. For any of you who like your beer strong, dark, and complex, I would strongly recommend you find a bottle of this delicious Imperial Stout to try. If you don't - feel free to ship me another bottle so I can enjoy this beer all over again. Slàinte!

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