There's a Dilbert Cartoon in Here Somewhere...

There's a Dilbert Cartoon in Here Somewhere...

Posted on February 17, 2009 0 Comments

I'm reviewing a customer case study, and there was a comment from a sales guy that I'd like to share. It brought up a funny visual for me. Did I mention, this came from a sales guy?

What about the benefit of knowing you have a problem at all? I think this is a big benefit. Finding out you have a problem from your users is embarrassing and not error proof. They will start reporting everything as your problem. [...rambling deleted...] having evidence to avoid the root cause effort altogether seems meaningful. It is also a point I have heard from other customers. It is rewarding to be in a position to say, "Mr. End User, the systems are performing just fine. Are you sure you actually hit the 'submit' button?"

I know, sounds like utopia. Just wait 'til you see the case study. Huge returns and cost improvements, all validated by a third party, and currently in production by the reference customer.

And, did I mention, it was a sales guy who pointed this out? A really smart one got through, call in the hounds. ;-)

If you are interested in seeing the case study once it's ready for distribution, email me and I'll email it to you.

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