The price of weak app development

The price of weak app development

Posted on May 05, 2014 0 Comments

Tech and process updates could go hand in hand for developers.

Tech and process updates could go hand in hand for developers.

If businesses strive to improve their application development processes by replacing legacy technology with current Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tools, they may gain more benefits than they can immediately foresee. This is because every department is linked closely together in today's fast-paced marketplace, and improvements to the way software is created and deployed can lead to better efficiency across the board. Likewise, failure to act could slow everything down - and that could prove very costly.

Rejecting the status quo

Leaders who decide that their companies don't need to update their application development systems from an outdated or complicated on-premise model may assume that staying with what has worked in the past will be enough to stay relevant in this space. However, there is a flaw in that logic. Demand for apps is not holding steady. End-users want to accomplish more, and they don't want to wait for this functionality. A smooth pipeline of new solutions might meet their needs, but existing development technology may not be prepared to deliver.

With industries and departments in flux, organizations that stand firm may fall behind competitors that are quick to embrace PaaS. The promise of simplified interfaces, demanding significantly less coding, can change many things about the way apps are created and deployed. With the right PaaS architectures, non-IT employees can begin their own development projects, while dedicated IT professionals double down on their own plans, using the simple interfaces to test new ideas more quickly than ever before.

This means that staying the course could actually be the same as falling behind, and leaders who think they are keeping their firms with a system that has worked over the years may instead be allowing their competitors to gain ground and offer a better app development experience. In such cases, adopting PaaS without wasting any more time might be the only way to stay relevant and deal with the next few years' worth of innovation.

Paying the price for poor development

Creating applications is now a basic skill, even for companies that just use the software internally instead of offering it for sale. The price of weakness in these departments could be resulting delays among the employees who are waiting for new tools with which to perform their daily tasks. Dealing with an outdated interface can cost time, and this type of loss is not easy to cope with. Smoothing out performance and strengthening the production of apps can likewise help businesses become more noticeably efficient and agile overall.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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