The more you Node! An Apps World Hackfest Challenge

The more you Node! An Apps World Hackfest Challenge

Posted on November 11, 2014 0 Comments

Gary Clink challenges node developers in London to bring their best to the London Apps World Hackfest.

We live in an app driven world. Games, ticketing for public transport, messaging and shopping; whatever you can think of, there really is an app for that. The lifeblood of many of these applications is data – without it, the apps we use every day to boost our productivity just wouldn’t work. This is why we’ve seen a surge in popularity amongst the developer community for Node.js, a lightweight and efficient language perfect for the data-intensive real-time applications we rely on so much.

Modulus platform for Node.js and MongoDB

It’s not just about building the applications though, which is where our Modulus platform comes in. Modulus (a Progress company) is a cloud platform for Node.js and MongoDB that allows users to makes the most out of their applications. With Modulus, developers can create real-time mobile, SaaS, social and Big Data applications, making use of a proven platform that enables developers to deploy, manage, monitor and scale their applications faster. Moreover, it is capable of handling floods of data requests with built-in performance monitoring and analytics.

Progress will be running a challenge as part of The Hackfest at Apps World London where we’ll be giving the application developers community a chance to see what Modulus can do for their node.js applications. Participants will be invited to build an app using Node.js which is hosted and managed through Modulus. There’s no limit on what can be made; just create the smartest, coolest application that you can. There is £1,700 worth of prizes to be won with £1000 of Amazon vouchers for the winners. Every competitor will also get a free trial of Modulus.

The Hackfest kicks off at London Apps World at the Excel Centre on 12th November and runs for two days. For more information on the Hackfest and the Progress challenge follow the London Apps World Hackfest website.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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