The MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL BI Roadshow

The MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL BI Roadshow

May 14, 2015 0 Comments

Sumit Sarkar kicks off his NoSQL evangelism tour this week at the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2015.

Progress® DataDirect® is the leading “vendor neutral vendor” for data connectivity for all shapes and sizes of data, including NoSQL data models. Both NoSQL database and business intelligence (BI)/analytics vendors look to us to connect their applications to data and their communities. To spread the word, I’m taking NoSQL for BI on the road, teaching the world how to connect data, people and ISVs, keeping intelligence flowing.

Based on customer and partner demand, we’re starting discussions around Cassandra and MongoDB connectivity, but quickly expanding to Hbase, CouchBase and Oracle NoSQL in future tours.

Spreading the Word About NoSQL and BI

As Chief Data Evangelist for DataDirect, I think it’s important to talk about our connectivity vision and get feedback from real shops and ISVs—that’s what separates us from competing solutions focused on getting something half-baked out the door. To do that, I am going on a NoSQL and BI evangelism tour, traveling across the physical and virtual worlds to talk about NoSQL’s place in your BI strategy.

I’m kicking my tour off this week in Atlanta at the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2015. This exclusive event is focused around Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics representing the technology running the largest enterprises in the world. My session, “Make sense of NoSQL data using OBIEE,” will be the first of its kind, tackling standards-based NoSQL connectivity. During the session, we’ll learn how organizations are using SQL access to NoSQL databases for business intelligence in addition to covering common challenges and “gotchas” that appear when exposing unstructured and semi-structured NoSQL data to OBIEE.

The next stop on my tour is a webinar hosted by MicroStrategy on May 20 at 12 pm EDT. I already have a relationship with my local MicroStrategy community and enjoy attending their meetups to talk shop, so I’m really excited to spread my message to a larger audience online. During this session we’ll be discussing NoSQL connectivity and doing a product demonstration with MSTR 10 Analytics Desktop using my Mac to connect directly to a MongoDB NoSQL database to visualize user preference data.

My final stop is MongoDB World on June 1-2 in New York City, where we'll look at NoSQL BI connectivity through a different lens, the application developer's. I don’t think a MongoDB developer’s freedom of choice should be limited by existing BI infrastructure. In this session I’ll be talking about using ODBC and JDBC standards to increase adoption and elevate use cases for MongoDB by having the reliable connectivity for BI required by business-critical applications. At MongoDBWorld 2014, several developers shared their frustration with me on getting approval to use MongoDB only because the enterprise BI teams were unable to consume that data.

Keep checking back on this blog for details on upcoming Tableau and Cassandra events.

Get Started with NoSQL connectivity right now

I hope we’ll have a chance to talk at one of these events this summer! If you can’t make it out, however, you can always reach me on LinkedIn and Twitter. And if you’re ready to get started with NoSQL connectivity today, make sure to check out our Progress® DataDirect® ODBC and JDBC drivers for MongoDB and Cassandra. Free trials are available on our website!

Sumit Sakar

Sumit Sarkar

Technology researcher, thought leader and speaker working to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive. Sumit has been working in the data access infrastructure field for over 10 years servicing web/mobile developers, data engineers and data scientists. His primary areas of focus include cross platform app development, serverless architectures, and hybrid enterprise data management that supports open standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, GraphQL, OData/REST. He has presented dozens of technology sessions at conferences such as Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, Strata Hadoop World, API World, Microstrategy World, MongoDB World, etc.

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