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The Evolution and Future of JDBC In the Enterprise

The Evolution and Future of JDBC In the Enterprise

September 04, 2009 0 Comments


I recently sat down with the guys over at DZone to talk about what’s been going on in JDBC, and what lies in store for the future as well as the plans to get there. Talking about the future of technologies is always fun, but JDBC? I’m sure you all know that JDBC has been somewhat relegated to the back burner with all the persistence and architectural frameworks that are around, but all of them rely on good ol’ JDBC underneath to get the heavy lifting done – so the future of JDBC is important for anyone using these frameworks! So, head on over to DZone and see the interview yourself and see what’s in store for JDBC, Java, and the future of data access!



Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis

As Senior Director of Research & Development, Jesse is responsible for the daily operations, product development initiatives and forward looking research for Progress DataDirect. Jesse has spent nearly 20 years creating enterprise data products and has served as an expert on several industry standards including JDBC, J2EE, DRDA and OData. Jesse holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State university.

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