The Buzz Is Getting Louder!

The Buzz Is Getting Louder!

Posted on November 07, 2007 0 Comments

It's been a good month, and I thought I'd take a post to celebrate AND educate. This post's a bit more sales-y than usual, don't say I didn't warn you.

Though, I swear that the stories I tell here are true, I do try to keep these posts pretty light hearted. At the same time, I share my experiences. At least those I think we can all learn from. I hope the feel is that you realize I enjoy what I do and that I've got some good experience to share...

I know, SOA What? Right, well, you might notice I got to that question quite early in this post!

A lot of people who you wouldn't think have given us some recognition lately...

The US Department of Commerce. Yep, the USPTO has awarded Actional a patent on our discovery and dependency tracking technology (among other things). I can't think of a greater recognition of the innovation upon which our product is built. Actional is not something that evolved out of a "good idea by a few tools developers while working at a big company." Actional's product is well thought out for scalability, performance, and unique value to complement existing products on the market.

And, Forrester agrees with me. Forrester Wave Report ranks Actional Web services and SOA management solutions #1 in Core SOA Management. Look at those charts baby!!! Way and above any other solution out there. And, I'll tell you - even though we're number 1, I still think most people "miss the point." If you've got a SOA project, why not download our SOA Operations offering and try it? You won't believe your eyes.

Progress' HR Department. Yep, even they've taken notice. In spite of the beatings, I've managed to hang on for five whole years. A record, and more importantly, a testament to the team (of which I am a junior member!). A team that has stuck together through a divestiture (adapter business to iWay), a merger (with WestBridge Technologies), and an acquisition. I had never thought about it, until the other day when Dan Foody mentioned that we haven't lost a single Actional engineer since the acquisition. How's that for success? And, obviously it shows in the quality and consistency of our product as recently recognized by both the USPTO and Forrester. Oh yeah, and by customers. Join the fun...

PSDN has improved a lot recently too. If you've never checked it out, why don't you? There's some awesome content there, including an interview with yours truly (you're going to have to register/login, but it's not info we use for sales - so no annoying sales calls, promise). I know you can't get enough of me... so why not try me on your ipod while driving?

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