The Big Data Goldmine

The Big Data Goldmine

October 02, 2012 0 Comments

Did you know that this year the amount of global digital data generated is expected to reach about 2.7 zettabytes? That number represents a 48 percent increase from 2011. Most people have trouble comprehending the size of a terabyte, let alone a zettabyte. But those of us in the biz are finding ourselves confronted with mammoth data sets on an increasingly regular basis, and these are the kinds of numbers we must get used to dealing with. Welcome, everyone, to the era of Big Data!

I was recently interviewed by Software Magazine for an article that looks at the issue of Big Data and the opportunity that it creates for software vendors. Big Data has changed the game for vendors that are in the business of helping companies connect, collect and correlate volumes of data. Here at DataDirect, our specialty is providing high-performance connectivity to a wide range of data sources.

Check out the full article here to read more about the current Big Data landscape and learn how DataDirect fits into the mix.

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