Technology that Matters

Technology that Matters

July 22, 2014 0 Comments

Anne Frank said, “People are really good at heart.” Most of us seek a life of meaning—one filled with good deeds, random acts of kindness and charitable giving. But if the act of giving is too complex or there is doubt about whether a charitable contribution will be accepted or applied constructively, the impulse to give can easily slip away.

Good Done Great is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting its clients’ organizations and partners by simplifying the processes associated with charitable giving for individuals, corporations and philanthropies—and making it easier for people to contribute and do good works. Its mission is to work with clients to create corporate giving and social responsibility strategies using a combination of consulting services and applications that simplify, measure and monitor the value and effectiveness of charitable activities.

Technology for Goodness Sake

Regardless of where an organization is in its philanthropic journey, Good Done Great’s integrated solutions empower their clients by helping them to fully leverage their giving or corporate social responsibility efforts, build highly effective programs and campaigns, and engage their stakeholders—all while driving results that enable not only businesses, but societies around the world to prosper. This is technology that matters, technology that helps people make the world a better place.

Listen to the people at Good Done Great, who in the following three videos share how the rapid application development technology platform in Progress Pacific has let them tap into the power of technology to do good in a truly great way, including unleashing innovation, improving operational efficiency  and increasing flexibility for their clients:

To learn more about Good Done Great, read the detailed success story and view the video playlist.

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming stories about how other Progress clients are using our technology in a compelling way to achieve their unique business objectives.

Have you or your organization tried Progress Pacific? Share your story with us!


Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne is passionate about promoting the Progress Data Connectivity and Integration business and corporate initiatives through social media and other marketing channels using extraordinary and compelling content and effective metrics. She is also team lead for DCI content developers, new hires and interns.

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