Tampa, FL

Posted on April 06, 2006 0 Comments

I've spent yesterday evening and today's work day here in Tampa, Florida. This is my first ever visit to the Sunshine state, and well I have to pity the weather men here as most of year they have very little to do. Wall-to-wall sunshine is so clearly a way of life here it is almost infectious! I've spent the day talking to one of our customers, presenting our future plans for our products and doing one of things I enjoy most about my job: spending time with the people who use our product day after day. Very quickly by listening to customers you quickly see how were doing, what they are looking for in the next generation of our products and it quickly allows me make sure we are making the right calls as we put our plans together. Over-all any direct 1:1 face-time with our customers is extremely worth while; particularly as the benefits are measurable from both perspectives. Requirements gathering for our future product releases, is always an inclusive task of talking to many different people, internally planning and of course talking to customers. In today's age of constant communication, blackberries, and cell phones you still can't beat meeting people.... perhaps I'm just more traditional than my numerous communication devices that I am always clutching suggest...

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