Tame Shadow IT with Business Apps

Tame Shadow IT with Business Apps

Posted on May 28, 2014 0 Comments

Tame Shadow IT with Business Apps photo by Frank Kovalchek on Flickr

An analyst at the Enderle Group says that many business executives are struggling with a battle between their business units and enterprise IT. IT sees cloud as a risk, while business users see the cloud as the fastest, most inexpensive way to get their jobs done.

IT Losing the Race to the Cloud

The issue as analysts see it, writes ComputerWorld's Sharon Gaudin, is that companies lack adequate rules for cloud technology. IT isn't able to keep up with the demands of users who are completely comfortable with both smartphones and storing files on work computers. To users, cloud applications offer an extension of familiar technology.

One analyst cited by Gaudin stated, "It's not really acceptable for IT to say no when someone wants to use the cloud." Time must be allocated so that the business can stay on track. But the financial side of the business can only stretch so far.

Get IT Back in the Game with Business Apps

Deploying custom business applications that allow enterprise users to access both on-premise data and cloud applications seems challenging, expensive and risky. But a high productivity Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can make it easy. Enterprise IT departments can rapidly prototype an application, connect to any data source and then deploy it to any desktop, device or cloud.

Dive Right In, Life Vest Included

Available as a subscription, our PaaS, Progress Pacific, makes app development both less costly and less risky. Pacific can be deployed in public, private or hybrid cloud environments so you maintain the level of control you want.

Michelle Tackabery

An experienced content and social media marketing professional, Michelle writes frequently about the practical applications of information technology.


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