SSIS meets ADO.NET ?

SSIS meets ADO.NET ?

March 28, 2006 0 Comments

Well, not quite in my opinion. Bob Beauchemin talks about an implementation strategy he took to build an ADO.NET 2.0 compliant provider my wrapping an OLE DB provider. For those of you who remember DTS in previous editions of SQL Server, SSIS or SQL Server Integration Services that provides a full features data-integration platform that deals gracefully with easy integration tasks to full scale complex integration tasks. I still have to prise apart and play with Bob's sample code, and I'll post here again with my thoughts. Building an ADO.NET provider in this manner is certainly an interesting exercise, but ultimately I think the real challenge is in providing a pure 100% code approach - one that doesn't not rely on an underlying OLE DB infrastructure to function. TECHNORATI TAGS: | |

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