Some predictions we like – and you will too!

Some predictions we like – and you will too!

December 18, 2014 0 Comments

Among other things, ‘tis the season for predictions. At Progress®, we jumped the gun a bit, with our look into the crystal ball for 2015 back in October. However, things we said then now seem to be aligning with observations accumulating from around the blogosphere.

A case in point is a recent posting on, “Top 5 Things You’ll See In Cloud Platforms In 2015,” which explores how several huge cloud trends are making it ever more central to business and a critical aspect of agile application development. The author, Allan Leinwand, points out:

 Just as agile development has changed the way software is coded, we’re seeing that a cloud platform is expediting the way business teams can convert ideas into applications. By having a common platform to develop on, organisations can let their teams rapidly create and test their ideas—in days or weeks instead of months.

If this sounds a lot like our Progress® Pacific™ PaaS, it should be no surprise since we have been making much the same points for some time now. We’ve also been thinking about things like:

  • Citizen developers (providing the capabilities to get the business side of the organization more involved in the dev process)
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud  deployment

And, we have actually made these things happen, either natively, by enhancing capabilities of familiar Progress products, or through acquisition and integration of potent new elements.

These capabilities and the trends we are watching are similarly in accord with the top ten predictions for the year ahead issued recently by Gartner. Their number one prediction, in particular, focuses on mobility, where we are also seeing tremendous interest around our mobile capabilities, including our recently acquired Telerik® Platform or the Modulus iOS App for Viewing and Managing Node.js Applications Running on its Platform, among other things.

Taken together, the trends in the market and the steps we have taken to lead those trends make us very excited about 2015. We look forward to working with all of you in the year ahead.

Mark Troester

Mark Troester is the Vice President of Solutions Marketing, Digital Transformation at Progress. Mark has extensive experience in bringing application development and data integration products to market. Mark previously led product marketing efforts at Sonatype, SAS and Progress DataDirect. Before moving into marketing, Mark worked as a developer and developer manager for start-ups and enterprises alike.

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