Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Website Project

Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Website Project

July 19, 2012 0 Comments
Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Website Project

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As mentioned in today's webinar, Sitefinity now includes full support for developing using ASP.NET MVC. Because this implementation is fully in line with Microsoft's guidelines, we can make use of their samples and code from the ASP.NET MVC website.

I've put together one of those samples using Sitefinity CMS for ASP.NET MVC, specifically the MVC Music Store which demonstrates creating a simple, yet full-featured store using Sitefinity and MVC.


Mix and Match

Probably the best part of the new MVC support in Sitefinity is the ability to interact with various Sitefinity components through the robust Sitefinity Developer API. This allowed me to replace the default Entity Framework implementation for the data layer (which I could have done if I wanted to, or better yet, the now free OpenAccess!) with a custom module built with the Module Builder.

As a result, in addition to the default admin editor from the MVC example, I also have a full featured editor, allowing me to easily integrate with Sitefinity permissions, Url Routing, Search, revision history and all of the other great features Sitefinity provides out of the box.


The original admin interface from the example is still available, and fully functional.

Sitefinity-MVC-Store-Admin Sitefinity-MVC-Store-Create-Item

You can even checkout, storing your purchases in the Orders and OrderDetails content types.


More MVC Goodness

Sitefinity's MVC implementation supports more than just the core MVC framework; many of the other MVC features are available and supported for use within Sitefinity, including HTML Helpers:


Attribute decorators (such as HttpPost and Authorize):

Sitefinity-MVC-Attribute-HttpPost Sitefinity-MVC-Attribute-Authorize

as well as Data Annotations for validation!

Sitefinity-MVC-Data-Annotations Sitefinity-MVC-Validation

Download the Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Project

The full project and source code for the Sitefinity MVC Store is available below. You will need to provide a license to run the project, so be sure to get one from your Sitefinity account.

If you haven't already, be sure to download the latest Sitefinity release from your download account and try it for yourself!

Download the Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Project

Login: admin
Password: password

Are you interested? Let's get started!

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