Sitefinity 5.2 is now available! Release overview.

Sitefinity 5.2 is now available! Release overview.

November 08, 2012 0 Comments

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In case you missed it, Sitefinity 5.2 is now officially released.  This release contains some major new features, as well as some smaller features that we haven’t yet fully explored.  Over the next several weeks we’ll publish a series of blog posts that explain each of these highlights.  

But first, I’ll provide a quick overview of our latest release.


Online audiences don’t read, they skim.  In fact, we frequently have less than 10 seconds to engage online audiences.  This problem becomes even worse when you consider that we often have very diverse audiences for our websites.  Bottom-line, if we’re forcing visitors to click around to discover interesting content, then we’re wasting precious time.  Sitefinity’s personalization feature allows us to immediately connect the right person to the right message by defining our audiences, transforming the content and then testing the result.

Personalization in Sitefinity CMS

Multi-site Management

For many organizations, tossing a new website online isn’t particularly difficult.  But as more & more websites are introduced it becomes increasingly challenging to manage these websites.  Eventually web teams are spending more time replicating their efforts than creating new value.  Sitefinity’s multi-site management feature tackles this challenge by making it incredibly easy to share resources between websites in a controlled / permissions-based way.

Multi-site Management in Sitefinity

Sync with Dropbox

Sitefinity Libraries allows you to sync (bidirectional) any Sitefinity Library of your choice with a Dropbox storage account (  Any file added through a Dropbox web account—or local file system—will appear in Sitefinity. 

Multicurrency in Ecommerce

The new Multicurrency feature allows merchants to configure different currencies for their online store. Merchants can manually control the exchange rates, or manually schedule an Exchange Rate service to run daily. 

Multicurrency support in Sitefinity CMS's Ecommerce

Faceted Filters and Sorting for Ecommerce

This feature allows online store visitors to filter product selections based on color, size, price etc.   Filtered results can also be sorted alphabetically, or by price (high to low). 

Faceted Search Filters and Sorting options for Sitefinity Ecommerce

Sitefinity Lightning (Community Technology Preview Release): 

Sitefinity Lightning is our new desktop publishing application, included as a bonus for the 5.2 release.  Lightning allows you to create and publish content quickly and easily directly from your desktop without the need to log into Sitefinity, or know the Sitefinity interface.  The CTP release supports publishing to blog posts and news articles, but will ultimately support publishing to any content type, syncing the desktop to the web.

Desktop web publishing using Sitefinity Lightning

New Lightweight Installer

With the new installer, you can simply download a small executable from the website, making updates to Sitefinity core program much easier.  

Lightweight Sitefinity CMS Installer

See for yourself

You can try the latest release for yourself on our Try Now page.  And be sure to watch these blogs for a lot more information about these 5.2 features.


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