Showing Gratitude: C-Staff Members Share Why They’re Thankful for Progress

Showing Gratitude: C-Staff Members Share Why They’re Thankful for Progress

Posted on November 24, 2021 0 Comments
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In honor of Thanksgiving, members of the C-Staff reflect on why they’re grateful for Progress and for their fellow Progressers.

The past two years have been a challenge on multiple fronts. Around the world, people have had to adapt to new circumstances and significant changes to their day-to-day lives.

With all this disruption, it’s easy to forget to slow down and remember that there is still much to be grateful for.

As the U.S. readies to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, members of the C-Staff at Progress took the time to express why they’re grateful for Progress, fellow colleagues and customers. Keep reading to learn why our executives are thankful to be a part of Progress—and why they’re excited for what’s ahead.

A Collaborative, Supportive Work Environment

Collaboration is one of Progress’ foundational values. From working with talented team members each day, to joining forces with others through acquisitions and unique projects, Progressers understand that success and innovation are best achieved together.

Yogesh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer

Yogesh Gupta“I’m grateful for all our talented, passionate and dedicated Progressers who work together with respect for each other and collectively drive our success. I’m also grateful for the support of a C-suite of amazing leaders who help me lead this awesome company. They make my job easy.”

Jeremy Segal, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Jeremy Segal“I am grateful for how Progressers are so loyal and committed to the company, and how they’re willing to do anything for a fellow colleague. Progress takes great pride in celebrating the success of individuals, while also emphasizing that executing on our vision takes a full-team effort.”

Sundar Subramanian, Executive Vice President and General Manager, DevSecOps

Sundar Subramanian“When I reflect on the past year, I am grateful for the Chef team which has guided the boat successfully through the choppy waters of change and achieved the goals we set up at the time of acquisition.”

“The team consists of folks who came from Chef, folks who joined the team after working on other products and the folks who have joined us from outside. Each of these groups has a different background and way of working. But, we have all figured out how to work together well and become stronger as a team.”

Loren Jarrett, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Developer Tools BusinessLoren Jarrett

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented, creative and committed team members in Core B and the rest of Progress. The passion and energy that people bring to work every day is nothing short of inspiring.”

Jenn Ortiz, Executive Vice President, Corporate MarketingJennifer Ortiz

“I am grateful for each year I have had at Progress and for the pride that goes along with being part of such a great team. I am grateful that on the most challenging days, the people of Progress show up with more dedication than you could ever imagine, all in support of making each other, our customers and our partners successful.”

Anthony Folger, Chief Financial OfficerAnthony Folger

“Remarkably, there are a good number of people who have been here for 10, 15, 20, 25 years, or even longer than that. It says a lot about people wanting to be here, enjoying the people they work with and being committed to the company. It’s just a really good environment to work in.”

A Strong Commitment to Customer Success

We believe that our customers’ success is our success. Every day, Progressers strive to make the customer experience a great one—something that takes commitment, hard work and passion for what we do.

John Ainsworth, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Application Experience Products

John Ainsworth“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a team of such talented, dedicated individuals who do wonderful things for our customers and partners every day. I’m also grateful to be working in an organization where people care so much and are prepared to go the extra mile to help out.”


Stephen Faberman, Chief Legal Officer

“I’m grateful for the unwavering commitment that all Progressers show day after day to serving our customers,Stephen Faberman whether it’s our engineering and customer support teams working all hours to help resolve a technical issue, sales reps working tirelessly to find a solution for a customer problem or our internal teams working seven days per week to help their internal business clients. Our ‘customer-comes-first’ attitude is what has made Progress so successful and is our enduring legacy.”

Gary Quinn, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Application Experience Field OrganizationGary Quinn

“I am grateful for having an excellent team around the globe that has supported many of our customers and partners who have stayed loyal to Progress over the last two years with the COVID-19 impact.”

Yogesh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer

“I’m grateful for our customers, who continue to trust us and our products that address their most pressing needs.”

Dedication to Inclusion and Diversity, as well as Contributions to Community, Social and Environmental Causes

As a global company, Progress is able to bring in talented people from all around the world. And in return, Progressers give back—to both their communities and their fellow team members.

Ian Pitt, Chief Information Officer

Ian Pitt“I’m thankful for Progress supporting diversity, inclusivity and equity in our culture to encourage growth and global awareness for all of our team members. I’m also thankful for Progress being active as a green employer, adopting resource-efficient business approaches where possible.”

Katie Kulikoski, Chief People Officer

Katie Kulikoski“I am grateful, every day, to work with bright, committed people who care about forming and strengthening lasting relationships. People at Progress have taken the time to share their passions, traditions, loved ones and unique stories and experiences.”

Jeremy Segal, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development.

“I am grateful that Progress has such a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity. My engagement in Employee Resource Groups has been so fulfilling on a personal level.”

Jenn Ortiz, Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing

“Progress people bring many different backgrounds and experiences that allow for exposure to such unique perspectives.”

Gary Quinn, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Application Experience Field Organization

“I am grateful for having an excellent team around the globe who has delivered an incredible year not only in business, but with their participation in many of the People Team activities in support of our employees. They have assisted local communities and charities who have not been as fortunate as many of us at Progress.”

As people reflect on what they’re thankful for this November, Progressers are taking the time to appreciate their customers, coworkers and the new experiences and opportunities they’re able to take on each day.

What are you thankful for?

Jessica Kent of Progress

Jessica Kent

Jessica Kent was a content specialist at Progress.


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