Sharpen Application Data Insights

Sharpen Application Data Insights

Posted on December 19, 2014 0 Comments

Quantum DataA prevalent data challenge today is unlocking your applications’ data to a broader set of users as well as for business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools—and implementing it in a way that is both secure and controlled. Of course, you could optionally use high-performance ODBC or JDBC data drivers, but those solutions access the databases directly, potentially bypassing any controls and policies put in place by the encompassing application. How can you securely manage data access while providing superior data insights to more users?

Today we are delivering a new, much-anticipated version of our Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK for building customized data connectivity. Besides delivering a spectrum of performance and efficiency enhancements, there are two key Interface Protocol (IP) features that address that data challenge head on:

OpenAccess SDK Version 8, now generally available, enables a quick and easy implementation with customized access to your application’s data.  The SDK helps expose the application’s data through standard APIs like ODBC or JDBC and enable SQL access. SQL execution is optimized by leveraging the data source query execution engine that comes with the SDK. This enables you to customize access to application data by SQL-izing or transforming a proprietary API into a standard one with very little additional code that must be written. OpenAccess accelerates business analysis by presenting the data in a way familiar to the application user and with rapid return on investments. It helps deliver more value to your end users, expanding the relevance of their applications within their ecosystems. OpenAccess enables a quick and easy implementation, and is the fastest way to make your application compatible with data-centric tools, such as BI and analytics, and ETL tools. The SDK includes an optimized SQL engine, and all the tools you need to build customized connectivity to the business logic within your clients’ applications for secure and controlled access to application data.

A recent case study for VoltDB tells another OpenAccess success story. Their in-memory database customers required the ability to visualize and access data through standard analytics and business intelligence solutions such as Tableau and Microstrategy. To VoltDB, the DataDirect leadership and proven success in the market was a compelling reason to partner with Progress. After some competitive comparisons, the VoltDB team settled on the OpenAccess SDK from DataDirect for building and customizing the data connectivity they needed. The result? VoltDB was able to reduce their time to market by 50% versus other solutions. In the end, they were able to develop a prototype in one month, releasing the new driver in just three months.

Check out the new OpenAccess V8 and start your free trial now.



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