Scott McNealy's last hurrah

Scott McNealy's last hurrah

Posted on April 24, 2006 0 Comments

I can hardly let this day pass, without acknowledging the end of an era on the technology landscape. Today is a huge milestone as one of the loudest, most pointed and influential leaders steps away from the limelight and looks to the future. Jonathan Schwartz steps up to take the CEO position, and will step down and assume the Chairman role. I had the pleasure of dealing with Jonathan on a couple of ocassions and always walked away from our conversations with a new sense of urgency, drive and commitment to what we were doing at Sun at the time. I think his vision and mercurial demeanour will probably bring the right mix of pragmatic decision making with an unshakeable view as to where a company of the size and influence such as Sun should go. So to you , I raise a glass and toast to your future success - and if you remember, I still owe you back for a coffee and bagel that you bought me the Santa Clara canteen. And to Scott, thank you for your legendary tenure as the CEO that inspired me to join Sun to work on this technology named after a coffee bean right out of college.

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