Ridiculousness of JavaOne reviews ratings...

Ridiculousness of JavaOne reviews ratings...

Posted on July 06, 2006 0 Comments

Cross Post from Java.Net So although this year was the first year that I missed in string of successive JavaOne's, I thought I would share a recent email exchange from one my compatriots in the Java community who was a registered speaker. I've generalized this story for obvious reasons...

I was laughing because I got reviewed as a speaker for the BOF even though I wasn't there .... What had me really weirded out was that my ratings in absentia were slightly higher than the other speaker. :) I was quite pleased w/ my Thursday morning talk ratings: 4.68. The max at the whole show was 4.83. (Maybe I could have topped that if I'd known not to show up.) So what's going on? Has the JavaOne rating system been infiltrated with Katherine Harris-like vote counting procedures? Should we trigger a recount and demand recourse to this miscarriage of justice? Perhaps not.... however I'd be interested to hear about other people's experiences on their rating from JavaOne. Personally, I never remember receiving one, as the only measure of reaction I had ever had came in the form of a tidal wave of emails that followed any sessions I did.

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