Research Finds DYOA Driving Demand for RAD PaaS

Research Finds DYOA Driving Demand for RAD PaaS

Posted on June 20, 2014 0 Comments

Recently, Mark Troester, Senior Director of Progress Pacific Product Management and Solution Marketing at Progress, wrote a blog about the ‘Develop Your Own Application' (DYOA) trend. In his post, he explained that departments are looking to develop their own applications for specific business functions as a means of boosting efficiency rather than relying on developers to translate their business needs. Having to depend on a third party means a slower, more expensive process.

Along these same lines, this week we announced the findings of our research study with Vanson Bourne, that finds DYOA to be driving demand for rapid application development PaaS.  According to our survey of 700 IT decision-makers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Australia, Brazil and Singapore, there is soaring demand for PaaS architecture from organizations looking for faster development and deployment cycles.

Here are some quick takeaways from the study:

  • As many as 85% of survey respondents said that there is demand within their organization to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy applications, highlighting that the DYOA trend is primarily being driven at a business rather than IT level.
  • Almost three quarters (70%) of the respondents said that they are either already using PaaS solutions for application development or are planning to use them the future.
  • Demand for rapid application development is coming from the highest levels of the company with 43% reporting the projects were being directed by C-suite influencers, while nearly half (47%) came from existing customers or partners.
  • 47% of DYOA is being done by sales and marketing teams, the largest percentage among all respondents, while 44% said finance teams were developing and deploying their own applications.
  • Just over a quarter (27%) said that they had opted for platforms that favor speed over high control.
  • 54% of existing PaaS users reported that it has already helped them to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy applications, while 51% said PaaS had helped to reduce costs.
  • 47% of those polled said that use of PaaS had given them more capacity for innovation within the organization, such as finding new ways to combine existing resources, or exploring more innovative ways of using mobile.

Progress Pacific, our rapid application development platform, can help businesses solve problems, move forward with DYOA and speed up development and deployment cycles. The platform is really easy to use, even for someone with little to no programming experience. Find out how Pacific can benefit your business and take advantage of a free 30-day trial, here:

For more information about the research study, read our recent press release.

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