Relax Mom, It's Not Your Fault (This Time)

Relax Mom, It's Not Your Fault (This Time)

Posted on October 22, 2007 0 Comments

I've noticed that, like Rudy Giuliani, I still purchase my clothes a few sizes too big. While I can't speak for Rudy, somewhere deep inside I've been conditioned to think that when I buy clothes, I have to buy them big and "grow into them." I rationalize this by enjoying the fact that I can go shopping just once every few years.

It's a silly eccentricity that, according to Freud, I can just blame on my mother. I'm not going to grow any more and really don't need to buy pants that will fit perfectly in a few years. I need pants that fit now. Besides, even if I were still growing, by the time my clothes fit properly, I'd probably need a wardrobe update to account for new standards styles and business requirements personal preferences.

I know, I bore you with my neurosis. SOA What?

You see (lie down on the couch if you need), you buy software the way I buy clothes.

  1. You buy more than you need
  2. You figure you'll grow into it, when you don't even know if or how you'll grow
  3. You should know that in a few years time, your needs and standards will change and you'll have to do something different then anyway!
  4. You convince yourself this is the best way to shop - because you can shop once and be done with it - shopping is painful

Why do we act this way when we should know better?!

I'll tell you why we act this way, and... it's not your mother's fault. It's your software vendor's fault. They want you to buy as much as you think you'll ever need right upfront.

With Progress Actional, we've made it safe for you to buy just what you need for web services and SOA management. Here's how...

  • You can start small, without penalty for growth.
  • You can deploy easily, once, and everything works together.
  • There is a single performance characteristic for the product; new features don't require a difficult "redesign" of the whole deployment.
  • Pricing aligns with the solution, not with how it's purchased or how it's deployed.

I don't want you to hate the big vendors any more than Freud wants you to hate your momma. Like him, I just want to help heal the pain they cause.

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