Rejuvenate Your Apps to Reach Goals

Rejuvenate Your Apps to Reach Goals

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Join our webinar on best practices for application modernization.

There’s an epic struggle between two camps when it comes to technology. There’s the “newer is always better, stand in line at midnight” folks, then there’s the “I’ll stick with what I know while they work out the kinks” bunch. While each camp has its merits, business success often requires leveraging every competitive advantage―including new technology. Doing so often yields efficiencies, cost savings and other benefits, yet, there are also existing investments that must be considered before diving in. So how do you decide when the time is right to update your heritage applications?

When to Modernize

“Modern” is dramatically overused these days. Run a search engine query and you’ll find it plastered on topics ranging from fashion to pest control. So what is application modernization really all about?

If you’re toying with updating your business applications, you’re likely doing so for three reasons:

  • Data security. Data volume is exploding in variety, velocity and complexity, and the places your data is stored don’t always belong to you. This also dramatically increases the number of ways your data can be stolen or compromised. It’s more important than ever to secure access to vital information, intellectual property and critical customer or personal data, while also blocking unauthorized users.
  • Device Proliferation. Mobile is everywhere, and in many countries, it is the only way to access information. Some industries are also discovering increased efficiencies by moving to mobile—food and beverage, retail, transportation, maintenance and others―where employees are decentralized or on the go. Younger populations―those under the age of 25—are simply more comfortable with touch screens, creating big implications for both employers and customers.
  • Market Expansion. International borders are nothing more than lines on a map in many verticals. Yet, regional differences can cause big problems for applications not constructed to tackle a global marketplace. In emerging markets, device and platform distribution and GUI design can make or break your success.

These and other legitimate reasons to modernize are straight forward, but can be difficult to resolve without proper planning and project design. Despite this, seriously amazing results have been achieved by Progress® OpenEdge® customers, proving its worth and sparking noticeable business transformation.

Modernization Success Stories: OpenEdge Customers

While every project is different, here’s a glimpse of some recent OpenEdge customer results:

  • Management solutions provider moved their pivotal application into the cloud in one month and experienced a 30% acceleration in time-to-market, by also leveraging business rules management
  • ERP app provider created a GUI interface to extend their proven app to browsers and the web, enabling the company to create a SaaS version that integrates into a range of third-party applications
  • Major resource planning tools provider moved to a cloud based, rapid application development environment that re-uses existing code to meet demanding customer service levels and saw 40-50% year-over-year growth

Hear From the Experts

Join John Harlow for an exclusive webinar on March 5, 2014 to hear the stories behind these real OpenEdge modernization results. Learn how they could apply to you, and help your business answer the following questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish in my modernization project?
  • How do we want to grow?
  • How do we retain our existing investments while protecting, extending and expanding them?


Title: What is Modernization & How Could it Affect Your Business in 2015

Session 1: March 5, 2014

Session 2:  March 6, 2014


AJ Kriete

A.J. Kriete

A.J. Kriete ia a Partner Marketing Manager that works with North America based OpenEdge Partners to help them drive revenue through demand generation marketing activities


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