Recent Article RoundUp

Recent Article RoundUp

Posted on September 26, 2005 0 Comments

As one of the Progam Manager's here at DataDirect, I get to participate in our excellent Design Preview series that travels the country giving you our customers the opportunity to ask questions, but also my fellow Program Managers get the opportunity to get the feedback we need to build out our products. I was asked last week about additional material on some of the topics I talk about. Over the past year I've published numerous articles, on a variety of topics. I am working on adding a designated section in my blog for these, until then you'll find a link to of my recent articles here:

Here's a Java Developers Journal editorial I wrote back in May. Here I look at coalescence between the advent of XQuery and the rise in popularity of SOA Design:

Click to Visit Java Developer's Journal

SOA and XQuery by Jonathan Bruce

Next up was two pager article for DevX. This was an excellent opportunity to connect the dots between the importance of relational databases and what this means for XQuery.

Click here to visit

Beyond Tables: Dealing with the Convergence of Relational and XML Data, by Jonathan Bruce

Lastly, following up on an excellent question I received at JavaProLive a few weeks back as to the relationalship between XQuery, Service Data Objects (SDO) and JDBC RowSet Implementations. Firstly, the member of the audience wanted to get some additional details on JDBC RowSets. A tutorial I wrote while at Sun should help:

Click here to view the JDBC Rowsets Tutorial by Jonathan Bruce

The JDBC Rowsets Tutorial by Jonathan Bruce

And secondly, to answer the question about the relationship of XQuery to SDO. No details on that yet - but please feel to contact me and we can talk there. Of course, there's more in the pipeline. I'll add more links as the articles get published.

Jonathan Bruce

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