Query W3C Binary XML with XQuery?

Query W3C Binary XML with XQuery?

Posted on March 23, 2005 0 Comments

Spotted an article on CNET's News.com discussing the possibility of faster XML ahead. It turns out that Binary XML has triggered plenty of chatter on this topic before, and I think it's important to talk about how this reflects against the upcoming Final Recommendation for W3C XQuery.

Whether we end up with one binary XML format, sanctioned most likely by the W3C remains to be seen. Opinion on this appears to divided as to whether one single binary format will emerge or indeed if multiple formats are more appropriate - see Michael Rys' recent posting for his take.

Otherwise, XQuery implementations will likely evolve to cater for the binary format(s) and include some degree of intermediary between the extended set of data sources. Today we already see examples of this whereby XQuery implementations provide a mediation between relational data stores using SQL Views and traditional plain text XML data. The Progress DataDirect XQuery implementation does precisely this.

Although it may be too early to accurately predict, I don't expect binary XML will replace textual XML. In fact I believe it is the express goal of the majority of the supporters of this format. Standard textual XML will remain the mainstay of loosely coupled systems where interoperability is central to their continued successful operation. Binary XML will have it's place, too: the strength in demand for efficient XML transmission particularly in the wireless space will drive that need.

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