QAD Technology Partner of the Year

QAD Technology Partner of the Year

Posted on May 10, 2012 0 Comments

Progress Software has been recognized as QAD’s Technology Partner of the Year, so we sat down to chat with them about why Progress was picked, what makes a good partnership and how the industry is changing.


Progress Guys (PG): In your words, why was Progress selected for this prestigious award?

Progress was selected to be Partner of the Year because of the company's strong working relationship with QAD, which continues to evolve in strength and profitability. With OpenEdge 11, Progress is providing QAD a leading-edge development and deployment platform that strengthens their Cloud and on-demand offerings. This year QAD will be delivering two new solutions based on Progress technology:

  1. QAD BPM, which leverages both the OpenEdge BPM technology and experience of Progress Software into a leading edge solution
  2. OpenEdge ReplicationPlus, a Disaster Recovery solution for QAD clients

PG:  Tell us a little more about the QAD relationship, and what makes the ties so strong?

Progress and QAD have been partners for more than twenty-five years, and we continue to innovate together. When our companies collaborate on creating and executing strategies that improve the technology, marketing and revenue between our companies, several things happen. The collaboration strengthens the partnership and each company individually, but more importantly it’s our customers who receive the ultimate benefit from the partnership.

PG: QAD’s obviously seen the benefits of a strong relationship with Progress… what should other application partners to know about us?  

Building and maintaining an active technology and business relationship with application partners is critical.  The industry is changing, and the techniques for building, deploying and generating revenue are also changing.  Progress Software has always offered technology to assist partners to adapt to these changes and to deliver competitive solutions that attract more customers, reduce costs and generate more revenue.

Progress also has the business, sales and marketing experience to help application partners achieve their business goals. By engaging with Progress as QAD has on both a technical and business level, partners can achieve greater market success.


Tony Winter, CTO of QAD (left) and Carlos Atehortua, Regional Sales Director of Latin America for Progress Software (right)



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