Pulling it All Together in Our Last 11.3 Tech Tip!

Pulling it All Together in Our Last 11.3 Tech Tip!

August 01, 2013 0 Comments

I hope you all enjoyed the first three videos in our OpenEdge 11.3 Tech Tip video series of four. In those first three videos, I gave you an introduction to 11.3, a tour of a business process, and instructions on how to build a process-oriented application using OpenEdge BPM. I also showed you how to use Corticon BRMS for OpenEdge.

As I wrap up the series, I will show you how all of these elements come together, allowing you to build applications with agility and shortened time-to-market. In this fourth and final 11.3 Tech Tip video, I will explain how to call a Corticon decision service from BPM, modify a ruleset and redeploy a decision service. I will also show you how quick and simple it is to use evolving rules. Watch below.

If you missed any of the videos in this tech tip series, click here to watch them and any other OpenEdge 11.3 videos you may have missed. As always, please share your comments and questions below.

Gary Calcott

Gary is responsible for developing go-to-market strategies, providing technical marketing support and developing best practice materials for the Rollbase aPaaS platform.

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